Executive Members

Executive Members for 2011

The committee members of the Hurstville South Public School P & C for the year 2011 are:

Brenton Hamdorf
Vice President
Warren Mak
Joanne Mullen
Helen Thompson
Uniform Shop
Sandra Mak &
Melinda Maguire

The AGM are usually held in March at the start of each school year (at the second P&C meeting of the new year).  This allows any new parents to the school to come along to the first meeting and see how they would like to contribute to the P&C.

Along with the official P&C executive members, there are a lot of other parents who make huge contributions to the school and the P&C.  It doesn't matter if you can only spare a little time or a lot, we welcome each and every one of the parents of the Hustville South Public School community to come to our meeting or join our mailing or volunteer list.

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