Wednesday 24 October 2018

Win Lego prizes and VIP Tickets to the St George Brick Fair 2018


Want to win some great Lego Prizes and/or VIP tickets to the St George Brickfair 2018?

As part of the lead up to the 2018 St George Brickfair, we are running the "Mini-figs Out and About" competition.  You have to follow 3 easy steps and you are in the running for Lego prizes and or VIP tickets to the 2018 St George Brickfair.

- Take a creative photos of your "Mini-figs" or Lego creation "out and about" with you.  It could be a simple selfie with your Lego or an artistic/creative shot of the Lego and/or mini figures

- Post in on your INSTAGRAM account and tag it with #SGBF2018 and #LEGO

- Follow #lego360world on INSTAGRAM

It's that simple!!!

This competition is open to everyone and we encourage parents to either help their kids with their creative Instagram post or post photos of their own.  Make sure your submission is in before 5pm 16th November, 2018 so that we have a chance to review all the entries before the St George Brick Fair on Sunday 18th November, 2018 between 10AM to 4PM.

Monday 22 October 2018

St George Brickfair 2018 - 18 November 2018 - 10AM to 4PM

Hurstville South Public School is excited to be hosting the The St George Brick Fair 2018 on Sunday 18 November, 2018 between 10am to 4pm.

And this will be the "BIGGEST ST GEORGE BRICK FAIR EVER!!!"

The event will showcase amazing Lego creations from some of the best lego creators and builders in Australia.  The St George Brick Fair will have on display over 1/2 million blocks built into displays that will excite both the young and... um... not so young.

Along with the displays, there will be also a Brick Play area for those who are feeling inspired and creative after viewing the exhibitions as well as a games room where the kids can enter competition and test their skills in Lego created games.  Entry is only $6 per person and all fund raised goes to the providing educational resources at the Hurstville South Public School.

"Lego Minifigs - Out and About" Instagram Competition
To celebrate the St George Brick Fair 2018, we are running a competition for all to enter for a chance to win a great Lego prize. The rules are simple:

- Take a creative photo or selfie with your Lego Minifigs "Out and About" at places where you don't normally see Minifigs at. If you are at a sporting event or visiting the museum, going to the library or just playing in the sand at the beach. Grab a quick snap of your Minifigs at these location (with you) for a chance to win.
- post it on Instagram and tag it with #sgbf2018 and #lego
- and Follow @lego360world

That's it, you are in with a chance to win free tickets to the St George Brickfair and/or Lego prizes.

Even though the competition is aim at primary and high school kids, we welcome all submission and definitely encourage parents to help and assists their kids in the making the most creative creations/photos. Make sure your submission is in before 5pm 16th November, 2018 so that we have a chance to review all entries before the fair.

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